Over the past two decades, banking on its rich innovative expertise, the company has emerged as the leading provider of most attractive and luxurious furnishing paraphernalia for both domestic premises and commercial spaces.

Thanks to The Design Story, now you can bid adieu to all your worries of engaging an interior designer and later hunt for the maker of the furniture in the upmarket which hitherto happened to be a prerogative of the elite. What counts in its favour is that all these come to you in economically planned deal with no dent on your pocket or upset your meticulous budget and yet gel with your unforgettable touch to tastes.

In other words, The Design Story’s versatile products and services from its three showrooms in Delhi & NCR, have redefined the exquisite concept of blending the contemporary with the classic for all times to come. Our every product boasts of robust quality of highest degree, conceived, created and manufactured at its avant-garde studio by more than 40 talented craftsmen.

Creating a strong and enduring brand identity without much advertising in print and electronic media speaks volumes about the true value that Design Story offers. Extensive clientele patronage at home and abroad has enabled such a rare goodwill by the sheer word of mouth. The secret of this success is attributed to the company’s commitment to conceptualise and deliver fascinating furniture and decor items, each with the tag of assured satisfaction for the buyers.