Over the past two decades, the company by using its own expertise and constantly re-inventing itself has emerged as the leading interior designer which also manufactures top class furniture.

The firm known for delivering a seamless combination of style, aesthetics, beauty and dependability strives to give you everything that you wish for and more than you ever thought possible. The Design Story formed on the principles of beauty, comfort, innovation, affordability and industry leading craftsmanship is committed to offer an experience that evokes a sublime feeling of warmth, order, beauty and authenticity. From state of the art furniture to gorgeous furnishing paraphernalia, you can get in touch with us to design for you timelessly elegant interiors.

Lighting Fixtures

Elegant and expressive light fixtures outline an entire space or create a new one.

The way we have built our name and reputation on delivering finest quality furniture and interior designs, we also offer stylish and modern lighting fixtures to brighten your home or commercial establishments. We strive to inspire—and the same is reflected in our wide assortment of designer light fixtures, which provides you with the best of style, price and aesthetics. From innovative LED lamps to shimmering chandeliers to that perfect table lamp, we help you add razzle-dazzle and a glow of light to your life with the simple flip of a switch. Enjoy great looks and top class craftsmanship today, tomorrow and years to come, with our chic and stylish fixtures.

Floor Designs

The Design Story is a skilful, energetic and experienced company whose philosophy has always been to provide customised lifestyle-centric solutions of exceptional quality that are a unique combination of sophistication and creative intelligence.

Our forte lies in designing and implementing highly creative and innovative floor designs guaranteed to work with every aspect of your life. Our experience and deep understanding of how people live their lives allows us to fluidly blend aesthetic beauty with function. Whether it is carpet, vinyl, hardwood, marble or mosaic our team works together to design floors which are trendsetters in their own right.

Wall Finishes

Walls are one of the most important aspects of our room. In fact they are the very embodiment of what defines that it is a "room".

Floor and wall coverings can greatly influence the style of a room. The Design Story possesses the requisite expertise and knowledge to design walls to meet the needs of each client lifestyle. Come to us if you want your walls to leave a lasting impact on the minds of the viewers with its impeccably blend style, quality and function.

Flower Arrangements

A few bright blooms in your home or office could serve as instant mood lifter.

At The Design Story, we make most beautiful floral arrangements and centrepieces that will help you fulfil your appreciation for luxury, lasting beauty and reverence for thoughtful designs. We have been highly successful owing to our attention to detail and unwavering quest for excellence. Wherever you chose to place these ornaments of nature, our designer ideas will create a bounty of colourful and unique floral arrangements guaranteed to make a refreshing statement on the viewers.


Confining yourself to a single style kills creativity. Having a creative flair and a desire to turn your dreams of having a splendid home into a reality,

we offer lifestyle-centric solutions of exceptional quality. Our unique designing ideas have a story of their own, showcasing the creative design solutions as unique as the people they were designed for. Without exception, our every project is a union of beauty and function, where we truly help you with gorgeous arrangement of all exquisite accessories including, but not limited to mirrors, frames, ornamental objects, fabrics, etc.